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Hi friends,today we are going to learn one of the English Grammars make it assertive. In this post we shall learn making assertive sentence by using exclamatory sentence. 

We already learnt that how to make exclamatory sentence

Solved Examples:

  1. How lucky I was!

      Ans: I am very lucky.


  1. What a caring person he is!

      Ans: He is a caring person.


  1. What a strong-looking cow!

      Ans: Cow a strong-looking.


  1. How easy it is to make friends with them!

      Ans: It is very easy to make friends with them.


  1. What a wide mouth it has!

     Ans: It has a wide mouth.

Questions for your Practice:

  1. What is piece of work is man!
  2. How fast she speaks!
  3. What a foolish question to ask!
  4. What a noble man!
  5. Too late! Too late! He is now no more.
  6. How wonderful!
  7. What a charming sight!
  8. How beautiful these flowers are!
  9. Hurrah! we have won the match.
  10. Bravo! he stood first.
  11. What a beautiful scene this is!
  12. How sad was the sight of the deserted city.
  13. What a fool he is!
  14. Water! Water! My pursue for water!
  15. O what misery awaits a wasted youth!
  16. How beautiful these flowers are!
  17. Alas! That youth should pass away!
  18. What a merry time we had of it last night!

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