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Hello friends, here you will how to write speech writing of the given points in exam.

Q.1:- You have to deliver a speech in the class in the class on ‘How to achieve success’. prepare a speech with the help of the points given below:

points:– 1 success-1% inspiration and 99% perspiration.

2. No achievement without hard work.

3. Example:- daily study, revision, practice required for success in exam.

4. No study — no success .

5. Life is a challenge, face it boldly and be successful.

Q2:- Draft a speech to given during the farewell for standard 10th on the topic, Use the following points to draft your speech;

  1. Greeting and salutation
  2. self – introduction in introduction of the topic
  3. describe you thoughts about problem faced by you
  4. some innovative ideas to change in the education system
  5. 2 to 3 changes that you suggest with their reason . a. studies students’ welfare , b. chance for weak students , c. changes required in syllabus
  6. conclusion of your speech
  7. thanking and greeting.

Q.3:- Writing a speech on the topic, ‘Environmental pollution’ with the help of the following points.

points:- Pathetic condition on the earth – reasons of air, water and noise pollution- menace of plastic- suggest the steps to get a pollution free life. add your own points .

Q.4:- Imaging that you are talking part in an elocution competition on words health day. the topic ; ‘Eat vegetables, live longer’. prepare a speech on the gives topic to be delivered at the competition. Use the points give below. you may add some your own points:

points:- vegetables– complete food . nutritive– full of vitamins, minerals and other life supporting elements. easy to digest. wide variety of foods. affordable to all. healthy, longer life.

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