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Hello friends, here you will learn how to write answers of personal response questions in exam. You have to write your own view related to the questions.

Some Solved Examples:-

Q.1:- Do you have goal in your life? What effort will you make to achieve it?

Ans:- yes, I do have decided my goal in my life . I aspire to be a top musician, To achieve my goal I will keep on trying and going ahead despite difficulties with the help of talent and hard work. I am sure that my faith in god , my perseverance, courage and positive thinking will lead me to success.

Q.2 :- How will you help an an injured birds / animals?

Ans:-If I find injured birds \ animals, I will pick it up tenderly and bring it to my home carefully. I will put some drops of water in his mouth to make it fresh. I will examine its injury and apply antiseptic ointment to its injured part and bandage it without hurting it. When it is a little bit comfortable, I will provide it water and food. then I shall keep it in small basket with cotton speared in it. I will see to it that it is safe in the place .I will take its care till it has enough strength or till it is fully recovered from the injury.

Some Questions for your Practice:

  1. How do you keep yourself away from any diseases?
  2. How will you help an injured bird \ animal ?
  3. What is your mother’s state of mind during your illness?
  4. If we don’t put anything in, we can’t get anything out! Explain.
  5. Why, Do you think, that human being also find it difficult to face great challenges?
  6. How does your family help you to achieve your goal ?
  7. Have you ever heard a rumour that harmed people ? Elaborate it.
  8. If you had the opportunity to study and do research, What branch of science would you choose and why?
  9. Why should we protect our forests ?
  10. Do you like to read book ? Why ?
  11. What do you want to become in your life ? Why ?
  12. Write any four qualities of a successful person ?
  13. Is letter writing important? Why?
  14. What will you do to improve your english language ?
  15. Which book/ magazine for children do you like the most ?why?

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