Do as Directed


  1. I saw him looking at his watch. (Identify present participle from the sentence)
  2. It is cheaper than the postal route. (Change the Degree)
  3. Each computer reads the email address. (Change the voice)
  4. He asked the wolf to give up his life as a thief and do some honest work .(Rewrite using ‘not only….but also’)
  5. The boy showed great alertness. (Identify the tense)
  6. The peon opened the gate. (Change the voice)
  7. I said to Raju , “You will have to work hard to pass the examination.”(Indirect speech)
  8. They (go) to the village every year.(rewrite as a present continuous tense)
  9. She could not pull Kala up.(Rewrite as an affirmative)
  10. As soon as I scrambled out the pool, Mala accused me. ( Rewrite using ’no sooner ……than’)
  11. Sinhagad was one of the most impregnable forts in western India.(Change the Degree)
  12. I  won the fort but lost the lion.(rewrite using ‘though’)
  13. It was a busy morning.(make it exclamatory)
  14. He established a network of colleges.(Change the Voice)
  15. Rayat Shikshan Sanstha grew like a banyan tree.   ( frame ‘wh-type ‘ question to get underline as answer)
  16. They live in humble hut. ( frame ‘wh-type ‘ question to get underline as answer)
  17. How fascinating the land is! (make it assertive)
  18. It indicated that there were poisonous gases in the air.(underline the clause and name it)
  19. Miners used to carry canaries down into the mines with them.(underline the infinitive)
  20. I had decided to sing like him.(change into simple past tense)
  21. I listened to good music, I was drawn to it like a magnet.(no sooner……than)
  22. It is easy to use. (make it negative)
  23. He stated that he was in hurry.(underline the clause and name it)
  24. It rained heavily.( frame ‘wh-type ‘ question to get underline as answer)
  25. There was no shot.( make it affirmative)
  26. They heard us carefully and even gave us a few tips.(rewrite using simple future tense)
  27. The king said to Dhanpal, “You have disobeyed me and I don’t want to see your face tomorrow.”(Indirect speech)
  28. You must not copy the matter. Your boss won’t be pleased with you.   (combine with  ‘if’)
  29. It is one of the most beautiful hill station in India.(Change the Degree)
  30. It is able to control its flight.(Remove able to)
  31. The largest living bird is ostrich.(add a question tag)
  32. The houses are painted.(Add a question tag)
  33. She is too weak to walk.(so….that)
  34. As soon as he entered the room ,the phone started ringing.(no sooner …….than)
  35. People use buckets of water.(Change the Voice)
  36. Miners used to carry canaries down into the mines with them.((rewrite using ‘would”)
  37. Mini could not walk.(make affirmative)
  38. She went to a special school.(frame yes/no type question)
  39. Pongal is celebrated in Tamil Nadu. ( frame ‘wh-type ‘ question to get underline as answer)
  40. I decided to take a gamble.(use past perfect tense)
  41. They will leave the mountains for the plans.(use present progressive tense)
  42. India is where my grandfather lived and died.(remove ‘where’)
  43. He thought of becoming a lawyer or an engineer.(either …….or)
  44. His student respected him.(Rewrite beginning with ‘He………..)
  45. Anemia is a very common disease.((make it exclamatory)
  46. Many women do not get a balanced diet.(make it affirmative)
  47. The electricity that we use …..our houses is produced …..the power station.(with ,in ,into)
  48. Finding faults with food is the worst habit.( Rewrite beginning with ‘It is ………..)
  49. Prayer is perhaps the best method.(Change the Degree)
  50. Flying was in his blood.(add a question tag)
  51. As he was the scion of the JK family, everybody was ready to extend all privileges to him.(rewrite using because)
  52. This is one of the greatest gifts to the India.(Change the Degree)
  53. The police opened fire on innocent people.(past perfect tense)
  54. The chief minister hated Himshukh.(make it negative)
  55. He was very clever. .(make it exclamatory)
  56. Daddy will take you to school. .(add a question tag)
  57. Mother said, “What is the matter with you?”(indirect speech)
  58. They don’t find time.(add a question tag)
  59. Prayer is the best method for energizing the food.(Change the Degree)
  60. She worked harder than anybody.(Change the Degree)
  61. She was working very hard.( make it exclamatory)
  62. I could not learn the art of copying.(use ‘unable’)
  63. He gave us five English words.(Change the Voice)
  64. Email reach faster than letters.(Change the Degree)
  65. Take your scat.(Change the Voice)
  66. He is a very hard working boy.( make it exclamatory)
  67. He said to me, “What are you doing?”  ( Indirect speech)
  68. Education should bring out the creativity of children.(Change the Voice)
  69. Each generation has produced heroes.(simple future tense)
  70. Young people do need heroes.( add a question tag)
  71. It was discovered that these birds were successful in migrating.    (underline the clause and name it)
  72. The green plates are given to the cows.   (Change the Voice)
  73. “Don’t break the rules of your school?”,  said the old lady to a young boy.( Indirect speech)
  74. I can see …… tree in …..park.(use article ‘a’ ,’an’ and ‘the’)
  75. Vegetables contain valuable food ingredients.   (add a question tag)
  76. Fleshy roots are high in energy value.     (make it exclamatory)
  77. I was offered a well-paid job. (change the voice)
  78.  Yudhishthira could not go further. (use able /unable to )
  79.  As soon as the bell rang, students rushed out of the class.( use “No sooner…..than/Hardly …..when)
  80. He will buy scooter in the next month. (use ‘going to ‘)
  81. Kala was too heavy for me to push her up. (Remove-too….to)
  82. The food is too stale for her to be eaten. (use so….that)
  83.  I said to him, “You will have to work hard to pass the examination.” (Indirect speech)
  84.  “Do you remember the scores of the Ashes series?” his father asked.(Indirect speech )

85) I asked her, “Where did you keep my book?”(Indirect speech)
86)The painter said ,”What a lovely landscape it is!” (Indirect speech)
87) Ramesh should become bold. He should leave the camp. either…….or)
88) Bhaurao left Kolhapur and returned to Satara. (Rewrite using gerund form of verb)

89)  I like coffee. I like tea. (use not only…..but also)

90) I tried to read a book but my mind was not in it. (use Although)

91) If you do not work hard, you will fail. (use ‘unless’)

92) Anyone can be a hero. (Make it interrogative)

93) Open the window. (Add a question tag)

94) I am making a cake very well. (change the voice)

95)  He gave me the bobby pins. (change the voice)

96)  Ras Leela is the most popular dance of Manipur. (Change the Degree)

97) Mumbai is as cool as Pune. (Change the Degree)

98)  Manisha is one of the tallest girls in our class. (Change the Degree)

99)  I sing a song. (Add a question tag)

100) It is very easy. (Make it Negative)

101) We pooled our resources. We got her something spectacular. (use ‘not only……..but also.)

102)  Don’t they feel homesick? (make it assertive)

103) We can use their wood. (change the voice)

104) Tourism is one of the fastest growing industries. (Change the Degree)

105) The tourism industry covers five areas.(CV)

106) Man used to inscribe his thought on non-employment purposes.(Rewrite using ‘would’)

107) What a wonderful invention the E-book is! (Rewrite as an assertive)

108) I could not recall her ever getting a birthday present.(Rewrite using shortened form of the             

          underline part)

109) He gave me the bobby pins. (CV)

110) Something has held me back. (CV)

111) Narendra’s parents did not go to school, but they were determined to educate their children.(Rewrite using ‘though’)

112) He narrowly missed the scholarship. (CV)

113)The shops were strange.   (add a question tag)                 

114) I did not mean to make you cry.(Rewrite using ‘hardly’)

115) Rip said, “Does anybody here know me?”(Indirect speech)

116) They expressed the view that Kalam’s services should be utilized further. (underline the clause and name it)

117) The vegetable ,after thorough wash should be cut into as large pieces as possible.(Rewrite as an imperative sentence.)

118) Vegetable should be cooked till they are just soft to touch for easy mastication. (underline the clause and name it)

119) She was the college’s first Aeronautical Engineer.(make it negative)

120) She refused and joined the Punjab Engineering college.(underline verb)

121) She performs her job with Zeal and enthusiasm. ( frame ‘wh-type ‘ question to get underline as answer)

122) Mary did not like the idea of an outsider having a say in their family matter.(Make it affirmative)

123) Long ago,in Japan, there lived……… great prince. He was………rich and powerful.(use ‘a’, ‘an’ and ‘the’)

124) He could not spare much time to teach them.(Make it affirmative)

125) Scroll painters of patidars formed class by themselves.(add a question tag)

126) He appealed to the people.(CV)

127) He appealed to the people to stop using these plastic bags.(underline infinitive)

128) Aladdin did not have any fears.(make it affirmative.)

129) The stranger said, “Go along the tunnel till you reach a small garden.”(indirect speech)

130) English is one of the most important languages in the world.(CD)

131) It is very useful.(make it exclamatory)

132) They would not be appropriate.(make it affirmative)

133) I opened my piggy bank.(CV)

134) Vegetables are valuable in maintaining alkaline reserve in the body.(add a question tag)

135) Fleshy roots are high in energy.(use model auxiliary verb showing possibility)

136) The town is famous for its Shiva temple. ( frame ‘wh-type ‘ question to get underline as answer)

137) He insisted on it.(Rewrite using present perfect tense)

138) Open the window.(change the voice.)

139)Mahatma Gandhi was one of the greatest leaders of India .(CD)

140) My mother would lift me up.(rewrite using ‘used to’)

141) I can see a mango tree in a park nearby.( use ‘able to’)

142) I tried to read a book but my mind was not in it.(use ‘though’)

143) The dancer is directed by the natuvanar.  ( frame ‘wh-type ‘ question to get underline as answer)

144) Mumbai is cooler than  Pune.(CD)

145) It is observed that the birds migrate in winter.  (underline the clause and name it)

146) Every one agreed that hitting into Bala’s meant out. ( frame ‘wh-type ‘ question to get underline as answer)

147) Two singers provide the vocal music.(add a question tag)

148) A brass lamp is fed with coconut oil. ( frame ‘wh-type ‘ question to get underline as answer)

149) Though swine flu has become terror,it is a mild disease.(Rewrite the sentence using ‘but’)

150) It is not necessary to remain absent from school.(Rewrite the sentence as affirmative)

151) There is hardly any difference between normal flu and swine flu.(State whether the underlined word means very little or not at all)

152) They should apply mask or handkerchief while coughing or sneeging.( State whether the underlined word are used as noun or verb.)

153) He is posted in Japan and Kashmir.(State the voice)

154) Major Sharma was born in Jhansi in Uttar Pradesh. (add a question tag)

155) First……..all you have to type……………your message in the column at the top.(into,in,of)

156) He received …….medal for creating…….effective network.(a,an,the)

157) “Do you have cough and cold,Ankita?” said the doctor.

158) Young ones went for a walk every morning.(Rewrite using ‘would’)

159) The house is quiet. (make it exclamatory)

160) I have always cherished it.(Rewrite as a negative sentence)

161) It is easy to use.(Make negative)

162) Email is cheaper than the postal route.(CD)

163) His father would pinch him.(used to)

164) He couldn’t convince Abhishek’s father.(make it affirmative)

165) The dancer is directed by the natuvanar. (Begin with The natuvanar……)

166) Bharat Natyam is the most popular dance form of India. (CD)

167) It was in vain .(make it negative)

168) I could never learn the art of copying. (add a question tag)

169) Computers have a role to play wherever information is gathered ,edited and stored.(can)

170)  Computers have entered almost all walks of life.(pick out the verb and identify tense)

171) “U will have to pay Haribhau his wages.”Vasu said to vandu.(Indirect Speech)

172) I went to…………..railway station and saw…………… long queue there.(a,an,the)

173) Roshan took photographs…………..the statue …………..several angles.(from ,through ,of)

174) The babool tree is an important tree . (make it exclamatory)

175) This gum is also use make sweets.(under line infinitive).

176) The ancient artists and artisans did their intricatework.(not only…but also)

177) Some of them are incomplete.(make it affirmative)

178) He went to America .( frame ‘wh-type ‘ question to get underline as answer)

179) He passed through a period of spiritual crisis which was resolved by shree Ram krishna.(underline the clause and name it)

180) The fake mark sheets scam was exposed.(cv)

181) The college cancelled their admissions. (add a question tag)

182) The king said to man,“Have you no mercy for children?”(Indirect speech)

183) I saw … …… was a postman.(use a,an,the)

184) Alexander said do you eat golden dates here (punctuation)

185) Every morning my father went for a walk.(used to)

186) Your weight increase,you eat more.(if)

187) Suresh can swim across the river.(able to)

188) A bicycle in good condition is easy to control.(pick out infinitive)

189) It is the oldest monument in the area.(cd)

190) We should walk .It is good for our health.(use gerund)

191) He also come… …..shahu Maharaj.

192) I ……….(take)my raincoat,in case it rains.(future simple)

193) Indrajeet was a very hardworking boy. (make it exclamatory)

194) I could not imagine it.(unable to)

195) It became too dark for me to read easily.(Remove too)

196) “Are you ready to sacrifice your life?”the king asked the man.

197) Noble prize it the highest award in the world.(CD)

198) I watched the dog helping…..old woman across ….road.(a,an,the)

199) He had to face tremendous opposition from the orthodox section of the society.(Remove infinitive)

200) It is necessary to prefer fresh food to keep our health good.(use must)

201) Rashmi said, “Sohan,why do you want five hundred rupees all of sudden?”

202) The vegetables should be cut into as large pieces as possible.(make it imperative)

203) Devendra said to Ritesh,“ I want to share a secret with you.”

204) Father said to Abhishek,“ What are you revising?”

205) He made a remarkable entrance. (make it exclamatory)

206) Joseph Merlin was an expert craftsman. (add a question tag)

207) The blind musician was sleeping. (add a question tag)

208) The robber said,“ I am not your friend.”

209) More than 70 percent rural households have no safe drinking water.(Make if affirmative.)

210) Yash stood …………Reena and Meena.(between/among)

211) I saw …………dog sitting on………table.(aanthe)

212) They can work for travel agency.(able to)

213) Car and buses polluted the air.(CV)

214) We built a road.(past perfect tense)

215) A wet day is forecast. (add a question tag)

216) Bees do not come out for sometime,rain is indicated then.(use when)

217) My sister and I would board the train from Delhi.(used to)

218) It is……..indication that……thunder strom is browing.(a,an,the)

219) This is causing concern not only to bird lovers but also to scientists.(as well as)

220) The mango  tree is a very useful tree. (make it exclamatory)

221) The mango is one of the most popular fruits in India.(cd)

222) Women use dried coconut shells to make spoons.(cv)

223) A bunch of small boys would stand on the street and throw stones at the tree.(used to)

224) Indresh asked his sister,“ Where did you keep my new book?”

225) The houses are painted.(change the voice)

226) The knight said to Jovinian,“ You deserve to be flogged.” (Indirect Speech)

227) Sushutra describes more than seven branches of surgery. (cv)

228) They came to know these concepts of several hundred year later . (add a question tag)

229) He took aim.(cv)

230) Arjuna sees only one thing. (add a question tag)

231) Don Quixote loved to read stories. ( frame ‘wh-type ‘ question to get underline as answer)

 232) They will explain it on Sunday . ( frame ‘wh-type ‘ question to get underline as answer)

233) Sadhu Vaswani found a begar’s cloths were tattered and tom. (using whose)

234) He gave the cap to the beggar. (cv)

235) It is essential to know about the nature and properties of fire(under the infinitive)

236) When the fuel acquires its ignition points,it started burning (use as)

237) Dhira was a very hard working boy. (make it exclamatory)

238) He would sit near a cinema hall and polish shoes for a living.(used to)

239) Today is not ……..special day on……..calender.(a ,an,the)

240) The king said to the soldiers,”Bring the guilty man to court at once.”

241) I wished to see sherlock holmes.(find out infinitive)

242) I was familier with his moods. (add a question tag)

243) They are falling faster now. (add a question tag)

244) I made my heartache.(simple present tense)

245) They like leaves the best (underline noun)

246) I want your address  . ( frame ‘wh-type ‘ question to get underline as answer)

247) He laughed Loudly. ( frame ‘wh-type ‘ question to get underline as answer)

248) It was a dangerous task. ( frame ‘wh-type ‘ question to get underline as answer)

249) She made a variety of pickles.(cv)

250) They stood below with large cloths bag.(progressive present tense)

251) Buddha said to the disciple, “ Do you know all the teachers?”

252) Your teachings are excellent and helpful.(not only…..but also)

253) When the chameleon gets energy at once,its skin becomes darkened.(No sooner…..than/Hardly…when)

254) The chameleon changes its colour. (add a question tag)

255) They buy gold,silver and other new things.(cv)

256) The festival celebrated all over Maharashtra. ( frame ‘wh-type ‘ question to get underline as answer)

257) Our teacher has passed not only…….B.A. examination but also……..M.A. examination.(a,an,the)

258) Some of them are even in complete. (add a question tag)

259) Mahabaleshwar is very shady. (make it exclamatory)

260) I would accompany my mother to a temple every evening.(used to)

261) LeBron James has been compared to NBA greats.(The people……..)

262) LeBron james is known for his strength ,speed and size.(as well as)

263) “ You are not allowed to go out of the compound.” Said Mr. Ramrao to his students.

264) I didn’t think he would be capable ………doing anything.(use preposition)

265) My eyes filled with tears when I heard the reply.( as soon as)

266) Don’t have wonderful children?( make it affirmative)

267) Email is delivered faster than the conventional mail.(cd)

268) You can send Email from many applicants.(be able to)

269) Would you please show me your pen rani it looks very beautiful (punctuate )

270) To win …….medal in …..olympics is the dream of every sportsperson.(a ,an,the)

271) I shall promote him as he is efficient.(because)

272) No sooner had  I launched forth on that life then I began to cut down expenses.(as soon as)

273) This meant a double expenses. (add a question tag)

274) She opened up the velvet gift box.(cv)

275) She opened up the velvet gift box and peered at the ring inside.(not only…but also)

276) Suresh was reeling off the rules for the day. (add a question tag)

277) You can send or receive personal messages.(either…………..or)

278) He had a word of advice for parents and teachers.(not only ……but also)

279) He asked them to emulate the example of Kalpana Chawla.(direct speech)

280)Take care to thoroughly clean the sweay areas like the space between toes.(Rewrite the sentence using ‘should’.)

281) It protects antibodies and regulates the temperature.(as well as)

282) She wanted to study in the USA. ( frame ‘wh-type ‘ question to get underline as answer)

283) She refused it.(Make it negative)

284) ………….good hobby is always …………source of joy and satisfaction.(a,an,the)

285) They like ……… and enjoy themselves………..the shower of rain.(into,in,to)

286) The teacher will divide the class into four groups.(going to)

287) Units provide cultural,adventurous and world life experiences to tourists. (add a question tag)

288) A few decades ago,travelling was the privilege of a rich few. (add a  question tag)

289) Lai Haroba is the oldest dance drama of Manipur.(cd)

290) Both men and women danced.(as well as)

291) They supply the timber for the railways.(cv)

292) Vana Mahotsava is an important step. (make it exclamatory)

293) Curiosity is one of the noblest instincts of man.(cd)

294) Your brain recalled the mathematical operations.(cv)

295) The little girl carried…..small bundle of matches in ……dark light.(a,an,the)

296) “Don’t leave the village till I come tomorrow morning.” Said Jim to the villagers.

297) mother asked chitra why did meena go to the village 9punctuate the following)

298) The singer who accompanies the Kathak dancer not only sings but reproduces the drum

           syllables also.(as well as)

299) It became a court dance. (add a question tag)

300) It was a much-awaited moment. (add a question tag)

301) We have two entrepreneurs who have a feeling for flights and heights.(Underline the adjective clause)

302) He saw a leper living in a ditch. (add a question tag)

303) Baba Amte took the leper home and looked after him.(not only…..but also)

304) Sports provide entertainment, thrill and joy.(as well as)

305) Sports play an important role in our life.(cv)

306)  I have …………friend. We are in ……..same class.(a an the)

307) Mr.Patil went ………….Mumbai…….car.(for by to)

308) gopi said to john I don’t like swimming (punctuation)

309) Nagpur is the hottest city in Maharashtra.(cd)

310) The work of building is difficult. (make it negative)

311) You go to a shop and ask for something. (Gerunds ….ing )

312) It is the largest and most dynamic industry in the world. (Degree) 

313)  Bhimsen Joshi is one of the finest singers of bhajans. (Degree)

314) Parents are the best role models. (Degree)

315) I said, “Happy Birthday Momma!” (Indirect speech)

316) I am requesting you to tell me who you are. (Identify and name the clause)

317) Mala said to Anu,“ What will you do there?”

318) Anu said, “Mala, where do you live?”

319) You can enjoy a lot during your trip to tiger reserve.(be able to)

320) Safaris are not allowed from December to June.( Rewrite as affirmative)

321) Nagpur is the nearest airport.(CD)

322) It is ideal for a family get-together. (add a question tag)

323) Melghat is one of the most distinctive sancturies in the state.(CD)

324) Mango is one of the sweetest fruits. (CD)

325) Matheran is one of the coolest places in Maharashtra. (CD)

326) Ajanta is one of the most famous spots in Maharashtra. (CD)

327) This is one of the most difficult problems. (CD)

328) Teak is one of the strongest  trees in the forest.(CD)

329) Gold is one of the most valuable things in the world. (CD)

330) ‘Three Idiots’ is one of the most popular movie shows in India. (CD)

331) Mount Kalsubai is the highest peak of the Sahyadri range. (CD)

332) Shirdi is one of the holiest tourist places of Maharashtra. (CD)

333) It was captured by Chhatrapati shivaji Maharaj. (CV)

334) Bharatiya Sanskriti tells us,“ Take up some work involving service.”

335) He worked hard. He could achieve his his goal.(Join the sentence with ‘because’)

336) Bharatiya Sanskriti has set this noble ideal. (CV)

337) Kabir says,“ I have to offer  this fabric to society which I regard as God.”

338) She is careless.(Make it negative)

339) We are irritated by them. (CV)

340) “Does the college have a hostel facility?”I asked.

341) He acknowledged my draft. (CV)

342) he said I will get back to you

343) The writer asked Hanumanthappa,“Do you want to study further?”

344) She sleeps at 10.00 pm.(past simple tense)

345) I sent him some money.(CV)

346) He wore a clean shirt and trousers.(past continuous tense)

347)  He did not answer.(Make it affirmative)

348) He was unable to study further.(use could)

349) We conveniently forget our duties.(CV)

350) We walked out …….. the backyard………playing tag.(in,into,for,of)

351) We saw …..elephant .  ……..elephant was …….baby.(a,an,the)

352) Hariya just didn’t seem to want to fly. (add a question tag)

353) The parrot ate some chana. (CV)

354) The parrot made no effort to fly away.(add a question tag)

355) Making a kite is an art. (add a question tag)

356) Facebook is perhaps the most popular web-site in the world.(CD)

357) Unemployment is the worst problem in our country.(CD)

358) The kite is flown with specially made thread.(CV)

359) He recommended her for the world cup MQS.(CV)

360) I was overwhelmed by the kindness of strangers.(CV)

361) She says,“ I would get a rifle just minutes before my turn.”

362) Lawrence was lifted from the ground by a train of four ‘cellular kites’.(CV)

363) Their lifting power and stability make them ideal for high altitude flying.(present continuous tense)

364) The remnants,……….the car  were lifted……..the valley…….a crane.(from,by,of)

365) The concept excited me.(CV)

366) He told me about parachute jumping.(CV)

367) I am very cold. (add a question tag)

368) The poor little bird did not know what to do.(affirmative)

369) “May I touch every leaf in the forest?”, the bird said.

370) “Little bird,” it said ,“Where are you going?”

371) The little juniper  tree said,“ I can give you berries all winter long.”

372) The spruce tree said ,“ You shall live on my warmest branch all winter if you choose.”

373) “Will you really let me?” asked the little bird eagerly.

374) The little bird said,“ My wing is broken and my friends have flown away.”

375) The little bird said to the birch tree, “ May I live among your branches till they came back to me?”  

376) The birch is not very strong. (affirmative)

377) I do not know you.(CV)

378) It could not fly to the south with the other birds. (able to)

379)This is a unique service offered by the Internet.(cv)

380) You could write a message on one.  (CV)

381) It is able to give you access to all the files.(can)

382) You connect to the Internet .You connect to just one of these computers. (Rewrite the sentence using ‘When’)

383) The persimmon is really a terrible creature. (make it exclamatory)

384) That’s strange baby. (make it exclamatory)

385) He heard the voice of a woman.(CV)

386) What a wide mouth it has!(rewrite as assertive)

387) What a caring person he is!( rewrite as assertive)

388) As soon as the last shot was hit, Rathore lifted up his hands.(No sooner……..than/Hardly….when)

389) I am able to go there. (use possible)

390) Save the tree. (add a question tag)

391) I know you. (CV)

392) Open the window. (CV)

393) She kissed me on the cheek. (CV)

394)The grass is too wet for them to sit.(Remove too)

395) You go to a shop and ask for something. (gerund)

396) Kerala produces rubber. Tamilnadu also produces rubber. (not only…………..but also)

397) True love is not physical. It is not romantic. (neither…………nor)

398) Open the door. (Make it polite and request)

399) He moved to Chennai to fulfil his wish. (use so that)

400) The government offered him the post of principal scientific adviser in November 1999. ( frame ‘wh-type ‘ question to get underline as answer)

401) He patted my hand.(Identify the tense)

402) I took out all the money.(CV)

403) He was asked about his favourite books.(CV)

404) Tibet is extremely cold in winter. (make it exclamatory)

405) Everyone was happy.(Make it negative)     

406) I’ll talk to mother.(Identify the tense)

407) He had to deliver the mail speedily.(CV)

408) He stops at a village to share a hookah with a friend.(underline the infinitive)

409) She is my friend. Her name is in the topper’s list.(use‘whose’)

410) If you don’t try hard, you will not get success.(use unless)

411) The fats are lighter than milk.(change the degree)

412) This must be the coolest day of the year.( change the degree)

413) Swapnil had entered the school. It started raining.(No sooner………than/Hardly…….when)

414) It is too late for him to reach the station in time.(remove too)

415) It is really a wonder.(Make it exclamatory)

416) You will need an unopened fizzy drink bottle.(CV)

417) It was completed in 1601. ( frame ‘wh-type ‘ question to get underline as answer)

418) He was able to grow different types of apples.( use could)

419) A dancer wears anklets.( CV)

420) Two singers provide the vocal music.(CV)

421) The dancer is directed by the natuvanar. (CV)

422) The artistes use elaborate costumes.(Add a question tag)

423) They contain valuable food ingredients.( Identify the tense)

424) They provide energy to the body.(Turn into simple future)

425) It is not the right thing to do.(underline the infinitive)


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