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Hello my dear students, today we are going to learn change the degree. Before that we have to know the rule to interchange the degree. There are three types of degree named as below:

  1. Positive Degree
  2. Comparative Degree
  3. Superlative Degree

Watch my video to understand the change the degree which is given below: 

Positive Degree to Comparative Degree
  1. Mumbai is as cool as Pune.

       Ans.: Pune is not cooler than Mumbai.

  1. I am not as clever as my brother.

       Ans.: My brother is cleverer than I (me).

  1. Ramesh is as clever as Suresh.

     Ans.: Suresh is not clever than Ramesh.

  1. An old lady cannot walk as fast as the young lady.

        Ans.: The young lady can walk faster than an old lady.

  1. Ratnagiri is as big as Sindhudurga.

        Ans.: Sindhudurga is not bigger than Ratnagiri.

Comparative Degree to Positive Degree:
  1. Kavita is more beautiful than Savita.

      Ans: Savita is not as beautiful as Kavita.

  1. Rupa is taller than Neha.

       Ans.: Neha is not as tall as Rupa.

  1. Arjuna was not stronger than Bhima.

      Ans: Bhima was as strong as Arjuna.

  1. Rohit can play better than Gajendra.

       Ans.:Gajendra can not play as good as Rohit.

  1. Suman is wiser than Prinyanka.

       Ans.: Prinyanka is not as wise as Suman.

Superlative  Degree to Positive and Comparative Degree

  1. Facebook is perhaps the most popular website in the world.

            P.D.:No other website in the world is perhaps as popular as Facebook.

            C.D.: Facebook is perhaps the more popular than any other website in the world.

  1. Unemployment is the worst problem in our country.

           P.D.:No other problem in our country is as bad as unemployment.

           C.D.: Unemployment is the worse than any other problem in our country.

  1. Wilson Dam is the most famous spot of Bhandara.

            P.D.: No other sport of Bhandara is as famous as Wilson Dam.

            C.D.: Wilson dam is more famous than any other spot of Bhandara.

  1. Deer is one of the fastest animals in the forest.

            P.D.: Very few animals in the forest are as fast as deer.

            C.D.: Deer is faster than many other animals in the forest.

  1. Matheran is one of the coolest places in Maharashtra.

           P.D.: Very few places in Maharashtra are as cool as Matheran.

           C.D.: Matheran is cooler than many other places in Maharashtra.

Questions for your practice:
  1. This is the nearest collage to my village.
  2. Gold is one of the most valuable things in the world.
  3. Elephants have longest gestation period among mammals.
  4. Kite flying is the most popular cultural sport of India.
  5. Pooja sings better than my brother.
  6. A mother is more than the earth.
  7. I am worse than these birds.
  8. Uma can sing better than Yunus.
  9. Woolly mammoth elephant was the heaviest of all the animals.
  10. Mango is one of the sweetest fruits.
  11. Othello is one of the most popular tragedies in English literature. 
  12. Sita is more beautiful than Rita.
  13. You are as good as Abdul.
  14. His story is not so interesting as yours.
  15. It is better to starve than beg.
  16. There are few districts in India so hot as Jhansi.
  17. I love all my sons equally well.
  18. No other metal is so useful as Iron.
Click here to learn change the voice.

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