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Hi friends, today we are going to learn passive to active voice. Here you will learn all the rules to interchanging passive voice to active voice. If you know the all rules of changing active to passive,then it will be easy for you to change passive to active. 

In passive voice sentence,object is considered as main. In passive voice there is helping verb and 3rd form of main verb and I hope you can identify the sentence now. 

Click here to learn how to change active voice to passive voice.


Click below to watch full video of interchanging passive to active voice:

Solved Examples:

Q. 1. A poem is being written by her.

Ans: She is writing a poem.

Q.2. Their homework has been done by them.

Ans. They have done their homework.


Questions for Your Practice:

Q.1. The officer killed the mad elephant.

Q.2. The door was kicked by them.

Q.3. We finished the test yesterday.

Q.4. The officer searched the ship.

Q.5.The clinic was set by her in our area.

Q.6. The bag was stolen by Raghav.

Q.7. Animals can not make tools.

Q.8. The thief was punished by the king.

Q.9. Animals do not possess hands.

Q.10. We drove him out of the house.

Q.11. Six sheep have been lost by the shepherd.

Q.12. Some boys were flying kites.

Q.13. By human was the window broken

Q.14. She has cooked food.

Q.15. I forgave him his fault.

Q.16. He was given a book by them.

Q.17. Mother taught me English.

Q.18. She is not known to me.

Q.19. I am surprised by your conduct .

Q.20. This boy broke the window- pane.

Q.21. Ajay wrote on article about our picnic.

Q.22. We appreciate your courtesy.

Q.23. The judge pronounced the sentence.

Q.24. Aarya will accept the position.

Q.25. Pratibha has written the letter.

Q.26. We adopted his recommendation.

Q.27. The physician will set the broken arm.

Q.28. I have placed the package on the table.

Q.29. committee has sent out the invitations.

Q.30. Seema designs dressesĀ  for actresses.

Q.31. The manager recently employed ten men.

Q.32. The pilot inspected the plane.

Q.34. The explorers have obtained the necessary supplies.

Q.35. The ladies served the refreshments.

Q.36. The engineers have just built a new bridge.

Q.37. The officer killed the mad dog.

Q.38. We finished the test yesterday.

Q.39. The officers searched the ship.

Q.40. The doctor set broken bone.

Q.41. Ramesh kicked Raju.

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