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Hello my dear students, change the voice is an importance topic in English grammars. So,today we are going to learn change the voice. Before that we have to know the rule to interchange of voice. We have to change active voice to passive voice and passive voice to active voice.

Type of voice

  1. Active Voice    (Subject is main)
  2. Passive Voice   (Object is main)

Rules of Interchanging of Voice:

Active Voice          to       Passive Voice

Passive Voice        to       Active Voice

You can watch my video to learn this grammar :

First we have to learn how change active to passive voice in this post with some examples and in this another post we shall learn to change passive voice to active voice .

Formula to interchange the voice of assertive sentence:

S + H.V. + M.V. 3rd form + by + O + etc.


Change subject to Object


Change Object to Subject

Step 3:

Write the helping verbs as mention below:

If 1st form of Verb, then write is/am/are

2nd form of verb, then write was/were

If ing form of verb, then write being

Step 4:

Change the Helping Verbs:

Has has been
have have been
had  had been
will will be
shall shall be
can can be
would would be
should should be
could could be
may may be
might might be
must  must be

Step 5:

Change the subject to Object:

Subject Object
I me
He him
She her
It it
You you
We us
They them

Some solved examples:

1. He applied oil on his body.

Ans: Oil was applied on his body by him.

2. I would playfully scare them.

Ans: They would be scared playfully by me.

3. Cricket has given a lifetime of experience.

Ans: A lifetime experience has been given by cricket.

4. Nothing scares me.

Ans: I am scared by nothing.

5. It pleases the taste buds.

Ans: The taste buds are pleased by it.                                   

6. Shubham created a sensation.

Ans: A sensation was created by Shubham.

Click here to learn how to change passive to active voice.

Questions for Your Practice:

  1. Shivam made history at the Asian Games.
  2. Protect the hills.
  3. I am sending you ₨. 500.
  4. We released Hariya from his cage.
  5. Experience has taught me.
  6. The parrot ate same Channa.
  7. The secretary of the National Rifle Association supported and encouraged her.
  8. They could observe the deposition of energy forces.
  9. Youngsters are taking up unusual challenges.
  10. This caused skin problems.
  11. I wrote the book to generate interest about bird watching.
  12. The housewife enjoys cooking.
  13. Shivam rubbed his head on my cheek.
  14. The forest and lush green surroundings will bless you.
  15. They capture it in the morning.

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