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Q.1. Your school plans an exhibition to display the neighbouring states of  Maharashtra. The following is the information given in the form of a table.  Write two paragraphs of about 70 to 80 words using information given below. Suggest a suitable title to your write up.

Ans.: Information about Maharashtra and Karnataka

Maharashtra is different from Karnataka but both are the states of India. Maharashtra occupies an area of 3,07,713 sq km whereas that of Karnataka is 1,91,791 sq km. The languages spoken in each region are different almost through out in Maharashtra, it is Marathi but in Karnataka it is Kannada. The important rivers like Godavari, Krishna, Bhima , Koyana are in the Maharashtra state where as Tungabhadra and Kaveri are in the state of Karnataka.

In both the reason Jawahar is main crop Bajara, Sugarcane are grown mostly in Maharashtra and tea and Rubber in Karnataka. The major cities are Mumbai, Nagpur, Aurangabad, Nasik and Bangalore, Hubli, Dharwad etc. in Maharashtra and Karnataka respectively. The capital city of Maharashtra is Mumbai where is the capital city of Karnataka is Bangalore. The population of Maharashtra is 7,89,37,187 where as it is a 4,49,77,209 of Karnataka.

Q.2. Use the following tree diagram to give the description of the oils we use everyday. Write the three short paragraph.

Ans.: Types of Oils

We use many things in our daily food. One of the edible things is oil. There are three types of oil – the ground nut oil, vegetable oil and mineral oil. These oils are used for different purpose. For example, We use groundnut oil which is obtained from groundnuts, for eating and cooking food.

Vegetable oil is found in vegetable flowers. It is very useful to make soaps, medicines as well as scent.

The third type is the mineral oil. It is found under the crust of the earth. It is dug from the soil in crude nature and then purified. This oil is very useful to drive our machines and run industries. Thus oil is very important commodity in human life.

Q.3. Given below is a pie-chart showing the results of SSC Examination of March 1997 of five districts in Nagpur Division. The chart shows the passing percentage. Compare and contrast. The information given in the pie-chart and write a paragraph.

Ans.: This is a pie-chart showing the result of March 1997 of the Nagpur District. the Nagpur Division of the SSC Board has not fared so well this time. Nagpur District, itself, is the highest with 34.39% passed. Wardha and Bhandara, both, share 4th place with 27.83%. Chandrapur has done slightly better then Gadchiroli this time with a pass percentage of 32.09 as compared to Gadchiroli’s 30.94.         

Q.4. Write a paragraph on Problems faced by India today, using a map of the type given below.

Ans.: Problems faced by India today

India faces many problems today. The most serious is over-population. Besides this, there is illiteracy. Even where education is concerned, the standards are poor. There is much unemployment in India today. There is high-handedness of government officials which result in much corruption. Indian society is full of superstitions and many people have traditional ways of thinking. The country also lacks scientific technology. As result India is still considered a backward country.     

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