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Here you will learn how to transfer the given information in non-verbal form vis table. pie diagram, web diagram, flow chart and tree diagram etc.

Q. 1. Given below is a paragraph outlining the uses of motorcycle. Transfer the information in the form of a web diagram or map.

The motorcycle has become a vehicle that has many uses not only in the town but in the countryside as well. For one thing it saves a lot of time. Even in towns and villages it is very useful for college students who have to travel long distances instead of depending on the irregular bus services. There are many people in towns and cities who keep motorcycles for their servants to go out and buy provisions. Workers in cities and even farmers in villages use the motorcycle frequently. This is because the motorcycle helps to get the work done speedily. Of course, in order to drive the motorcycle a driving licence is compulsory. Also one must use a helmet and drive carefully to avoid serious accident.

Ans: The Uses of Motorcycle

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Q.2. Read the following information and prepare a table to present it.

According to survey the youth preferences for watching TV, it was found that 39% of the youth watch TV for news while 18% watches serials. Sports seems to be the choice of 10% while movies in the preference of 7% youth.

The lowest preference seems to be music channels as only 6% watch them the remaining 20% used did not seem to have any specific reference.

Ans.: Youth and TV

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Q.3. Draw a pie diagram for the following data.

Mr. A. Phalke earns a take-home salary of Rs. 11,200 per month. He follows a strict budget every month on various expenditures, as a result of which he is able to save as much as 7% of his income per month. Most of his income which accounts for 30% of his total budget is spent on conveyance. 10% of his income goes towards the food and fuel needs for needs of his family. Mr. Phalke hires a housemaid and pays her about 10% of his earnings. Every month at least 17% of his income goes towards buying clothing for various members of family. The remaining 26% is spent on the education of his children.

Ans.: Expenditure of Mr. A. Phalke

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