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Hi friends, here you will learn how to write counterview in English paper. It is also type of speech where you have to give your own opinion against the given view in your question. Let’s see some examples, so you can able to write in exam.

Q. Write your counterview on ‘ Children should work to earn during vacations’.

Use the following points:


  • fruitful use of time
  • development of skills
  • financial support to on education and parents
  • knowledge of transaction
  • Awareness of responsibility

Ans.: Children should not work to earn during vacation

Childhood comes only once and is meant to be enjoyed. Children must certainly make fruitful use of this time, but not by working. Firstly, this will mean child labour, which is illegal. Secondary this is time for children to develop their skills, pick up hobbies, make friends and strengthen their bodies. It is not mean to be a time when they are made to stand behind counters and deal with customers, or do any other work. This is time when they get a break from studies to refresh their minds.

Children can learn to handle responsibility in ways like doing household chores, helping senior citizens in the neighborhood, etc. They have their whole life ahead to learn how to do business, knowledge of transaction, etc., they needn’t do it during their vacations. As for saving up for their education, today there are enough loans available for those in need. There are also many schemes available for the economically backward. Besides, isn’t it the duty of parents to look after the education of their children, at least till they are in college?

Hence I firmly think that children should not work to earn during vacations.

Q. Write a paragraph on the basis of counterviews given below, add few more points of your own.

Stop over-viewing TV Programmes

  • wastage of time
  • kills imagination
  • destroy thinking power
  • creates physical problems

Ans. : The TV- A Boon

I certainly do not agree with the idea that watching TV is a waste of time. Today, the TV is our main source of information. It tells us about important events taking place thousands of miles away, such as the Olympic games or election results in the US . Such events on on TV are more vivid and impressive as compared to a boring newspaper report.

The TV does not kill the imagination; on the contrary, it fuels it. When we watched channels like Animal Planet and National Geographic, we get an idea of life on the various continents. When we listen to the debates and discussions, our thinking and analytical capabilities improve. Of course, anything in excess is bad, and like everything else, TV viewing should also be done in moderation. If one watches TV the whole day and turns into a couch potato, obviously one’s health will suffer. Therefore, the TV, like the mobile phone should remain a slave and not become our master.

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