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Here you will learn how to write in English. There are two types of letter known as Formal and informal letter.

First we see the format of Informal letter and all parts of that. Below is the format of informal letter:

  • Sender’s Address:

Here is the sample sender address, you have to use given address and must write the date below the address, if it is given in your question paper, either you can use below one:

13, Shanti Kunj,

Ram Nagar,

Andheri (E),

Mumbai- 400076


We have to start salutation with Dear…. Eg.: Dear Ramu, Dear Mother, Dear Father, Dear Uncle, Dear friend Ramesh etc.

Main Body:

This is main body of letter which includes 3 to 4 paragraphs.

Complementary Close:

At the end of letter you have to use given complementary close like

Your loving son,

Your loving daughter,

Your affectionate

Your sincere friend,


Here you have write your name given in question or X.Y.Z. as a signature.

1.Sender’s Address:

2. Receivers Address:

3. Subject:

4. Salutation:

5. Main Body:

6. Complementary Close:

7. Signature:

Write a letter to your class teacher informing him about illness.

Use the following points.

1. Nature of your illness.

2. Did you consult your doctor?

3. What advice did he give you?

4. Request him to give you a week’s leave.

5. Promise that you will make up for the loss of studies.

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