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Hi friends,today we are going to learn Make it Exclamatory English Grammar. Exclamatory is one of type of sentence. Exclamatory starts with How,What a or What an words and ends with exclamation marks (!). Here you will learn interchanging sentence exclamatory to assertive and after assertive to exclamatory sentence. Before starting we have to see the rules to interchange the sentence from assertive to exclamatory.

 Some Solved Examples:

  1. I am very cold.

      Ans: How cold I am!

  1. It is a great fun to train.

      Ans: What a great fun to train it is!

  1. Our country is very big.

      Ans: How big our country is!

  1. I was very happy.

      Ans: How happy I was!

  1. The machine was very expensive.

      Ans: How expensive the machine was!

  1. King Raya was astonished.

      Ans: How astonished King Raya was!

  1. It has been a fascinating journey.

      Ans: What a fascinating journey it has been!

  1. The persimmon is a really terrible creature.

      Ans: What a really terrible creature the persimmon is!

watch my video for Make it Exclamatory English Grammar:

Questions for Your Practice Make it Exclamatory:

  1. This is very beautiful scene.
  2. It is a very foolish idea.
  3. He writes very beautifully.
  4. I wish I had never left my home.
  5. It was a big fall.
  6. It was a very happy time.
  7. I wish I were young again.
  8. We had a very happy time.
  9. Man is a wonderful piece of work.
  10. It is very hot.
  11. He looks very sad.
  12. She is very careless.
  13. It is a great problem.
  14. I wish to see him again.
  15. It is a peculiar sound.
  16. He is a strange man.
  17. It is very funny.
  18. This was a terrible accident.
  19. It was a clam morning.
  20. Yunus is a young and aspiring swimmer.
  21. It is very fresh food.
  22. It was an unbelievable experience.
  23. I am very hungry for success.
  24. It was very difficult task.
  25. Nihar Sir is a world class coach.
  26. It looks so frightening.
  27. The famous Wilson dam is a lovely site.

Questions for Your Practice Make it Assertive :

  1. How lucky I am!
  2. Such a fragile creeper!
  3. What a stupid boy he is !
  4. How beautiful girl Kavita is!
  5. What a stroke!
  6. How lucky I am!
  7. What a horrid child.
  8. What a fun !
  9. How tiresome you are sometimes !
  10. How will I remember it !
  11. What a popular doctor she is!
  12. How pleasant it was to walk there!
  13. How pleased he was!
  14. What exquisite manners the unworldly possess!

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