Add a tail tag |Add a question tag |English Grammar

Hi friends, here we are going to learn an important English Grammar ie Add a tail tag or add a question tag. This type of grammar is always ask in your exam,so be careful and learn this English grammar.

Watch my video to learn Add a tail tag or Add a question tag:

Some Solve Examples:

  1. We will watch it.

       Ans: We will watch it, won’t we?

  1. Soon the birds left our area.

      Ans: Soon the birds left our area, didn’t they?

  1. I miss that.

      Ans: I miss that, aren’t I?

  1. There is also a surprise culprit.

      Ans: There is also a surprise culprit, isn’t there?

  1. Rain lashed on ground.

     Ans: Rain lashed on ground, didn’t it?

  1. He holds several records.

     Ans: He holds several records, doesn’t he?

  1. 150 girls learnt the process.

      Ans: 150 girls learnt the process, didn’t they?

  1. There is no other option.

      Ans: There is no other option, is there?

  1. We can involve many people.

    Ans: We can involve many people, can’t we?

  1. Shivam heard the problem.

    Ans: Shivam heard the problem, didn’t he?

  1. You wouldn’t count the love you get in grams and pounds.

    Ans: You wouldn’t count the love you get in grams and pounds, would you?

  1. I would playfully scare them.

    Ans: I would playfully scare them, wouldn’t I?


Questions for Practice:

  1. They remind me of my passion for writing.
  2. I have no friend.
  3. Nobody is allowed to go.
  4. Neither of them helped me.
  5. Few people are reaching.
  6. He rarely had the time to talk of himself.
  7. Those boys are very naughty.
  8. You are returning tomorrow.
  9. Shubham will not help me.
  10. We should obey our parents.
  11. Have a cup of tea.
  12. Open the door.
  13. Shut your eyes.
  14. Close the window.
  15. I am not writing my lesson.
  16. They have done their work.
  17. She worked in a company.
  18. You can teach me.


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