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Hello friends, today we are going to learn Remove too English grammar. It is same as another grammar ie use So…that. In remove to we have to remove too and to from the given sentence and use so…that. Before doing anything let’s see some rules of Remove too.



Rules for Remove too

too- so

to- that +Subject + Can/could not

foe me too that I
for him to  that he
for her to that she
for them to that they
for us to  that they


Solved Example:

1. The mango is too cheap to buy.

Ans.: The mango is so cheap that is can not buy.

2. She is too beautiful to look.

Ans.: She is so beautiful that she can not look.

3. The king was too cruel to forgive anything.

Ans. The king was so cruel that he could not forgive anything.

4. This cupboard is too heavy for me to move it.

Ans.: This cupboard is so heavy that I can not move it.

5. He is too weak to walk.

Ans.: He is so weak that he can not walk.

Watch my video to understand this grammar easily:

Questions for your practice:

1.He is too weak to walk.

2. It is too difficult for me to do.

3. Tea is too hot to take.

4. Tree is too high to climb.

5. Ramesh was too slow to win the race.

6. Shankar is too dull to pass.

7. Radha is too shy to sing.

8. He was too thirsty to wait.

9. He was too tired and thirsty that he could not wait.

10. It became too dark for me to read easily.

11. He was too tired thirsty to wait.

12. It was now too dark to see anything clearly.

13. Abdul Hamid had dared death too long.

14. The young men were only too eager to follow Babasaheb’s advice.

15. At that time , we were too young to understand.

16. I was too small to defend my golis.

17. The child was too frightened to speak.

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