Add a Clause to expand the sentence meaningfully | English Grammar | Mahesh Prajapati

Here you will learn how easily you can expand any sentence by using subordinating clause. Let’s see some examples :

Add a clause to expand the following sentence meaningfully.

1. You will get success….

Ans. : You will get success, if you work hard.

2. We saw an areoplane…………..

Ans.: We saw an areoplane which was flying over building.

3. I know a place…….

Ans. : I know a place where she lives.

4. We saw a small tree……

Ans.: We saw a small tree which was giving us shelter.

5. He decided…..

Ans. : He decided that he would not call me again.

6. This our world……….

Ans: This our world where we live freely.

7. There is a hospital…

Ans.: There is a hospital which is very popular in our city.

8. I know of a boy……

Ans. : I know of a boy who was very naughty.

9: I don’t know…..

Ans.: I don’t know where she lives in our area.

10. We watched the latest movie…..

Ans: We watched the latest movie which was vey horrible.

Soon you will get more questions for practice.

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