Not only….but also | Use not only ….but also | English Grammar

Hi friends, in this post you will learn how to use not only…but also. It is a coordinating conjunction. it is used to combine two words or two sentence. Let’s see some example to use not only…. but also.

Some solved Examples of Not only….but also:

  1. She opened the window and shouted for help.

       Ans: She not only opened the window but also shouted for help.

  1. She was beaten up and dumped in a cowshed.

      Ans: She was not only beaten up but also dumped in a cowshed.

  1. They heard screams and banging.

     Ans: They heard not only screams but also banging.

  1. Uma heard an unusual commotion and came out.

     Ans:  Uma not only heard an unusual commotion but also came out.

     5. Seema is beautiful and intelligent.

     Ans: Seema is not only beautiful but intelligent also.


Questions for your practice:

  1. The weather was mild and sunny.
  2. She was singing and dancing.
  3. He was rewarded by the police and by the jeweler.
  4. The people praised their prince and celebrated his great deed.
  5. He coughed and shuffled his feet.
  6. He was grieved and surprised.
  7. It was her duty to receive the patients and send them to the doctor.
  8. He was short-tempered and impatient.
  9. He was tired and thirsty.
  10. His people were good and loyal.
  11. He and I are running.
  12. They were ready to face wild beasts and wandering criminals.
  13. He told Akbar to rest and not to eat anything for a day.
  14. This was an inspiring example to his unit as well as to the whole division.
  15. He was careless but also it from outside.
  16. The taken guarantee a source of water but also heighten the beauty of the landscape.
  17. Women can now take up technical and administrative responsibilities and can also become pilots and navigators.
  18. Games make them not only strong but also brave.
  19. This was done under intense Pakistani shelling and continuous tank fire.
  20. Electricity runs out trains and moves machines in factories.

Watch my video to understand the use of not only….but also :

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