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Hi friends, today we are going to learn how to use Hardly when . Its is a coordinating conjunction and used to combine two sentences.

Before solving any questions we have to see some Rules that how to use it.

Rules to use Hardly when:

  1. Hardly is used at the starting of any sentence.
  2. Past perfect is used in these types of sentence while using Hardly when.
  3. At the place of comma (,) we have to use conjunction when.

Some solved Examples:

  1. When the king came to know of this, he was furious.

     Ans: Hardly had the king come to know of this when he was furious.


  1. As soon as Akbar began to feel, the doctor was called.

     Ans: Hardly had Akbar begun to feel when the doctor was called.


  1. As soon as the sun rises, the birds started chirping.

     Ans: Hardly had the sun risen when the birds started chirping.


  1. As soon as the shower finished, the sun shone out again.

     Ans: Hardly had the shower finished when the shone out again.


  1. As soon as the man tried to walk, he fell flat on his face.

     Ans: Hardly had the man tried to walk when he fell flat on his face.


  1. As soon as the doctor heard it, she rushed out of her consultation room.

    Ans: Hardly had the doctor heard it when she rushed out of consultation room.


Watch my below video to understand this Grammar:

Questions for your Practice:

1. As soon as Laxmi noticed him, she lost her temper.

2. As soon as he drank, he was struck down.

3. No sooner had they settled into their sleeping bags than Vikas spoke again.

4. No sooner did I sit down and begin to read my book again than I was startled by the cry.

5. As he felt his panic rising, Arun tried hard to steady himself.

6. No sooner was he free than he started a new life.

7. As soon as the water touched his lips, he felt himself struck down.

8. We touch it and become gold ourselves.

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