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Hello friends, here you are going to learn English Grammar Alphabetical Order. I have given some solved and some practice questions for you. You can give your answers in comment box also. Thanks !

Put the words in alphabetical order :

1. uglier, beautiful, walk, response

Ans.: beautiful,response,uglier,walk

2. sun, stranger, something, stay

Ans.: something, stay, starnger, sun

3. bundle, salary, across, firm

Ans.: across, bundle, firm, salary

4. speed, shop, suit, soon

Ans.: shop, soon, speed,suit

5. epic, right, able, heart

Ans.: able,epic,heart, right

6. passion, profound, premier, pain

Ans.: pain, passion, premier, profound


Ans.: curiosity, dark, important,road

8.perfect, pretended, parents, plaintively

Ans.: parents,perfect,plaintively, pretended

9. left, soon, change , twin

Ans.: change, left,soon, twin

10. modern, mail, mute, mingle

Ans.: mail, mingle, modern, mute

11. monuments, forests, lakes, building

Ans.: building, forests, lakes,monuments

12. protect, places, play, physical

Ans.: physical, places, play, protect

13. life, humour, deaf, mad

Ans.: deaf, humour,life, mad

14. concept, case, cute, clad

Ans.: case, clad, concept, cute

Some Questions for your Practice :

  1.,craete, absent
  2. friends, facing, first, food
  3. staright, slipped, sorry, she
  4. glisten, world, courage, forgive
  5. bus, beautiful, buy, blue
  6. small, found, lake, centre
  7. troop, talent, tired, target

Click here for video of alphabetic order :

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