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Hello friends, here you will learn how to Punctuate the following sentence. To punctuate any sentence you must have the knowledge of all punctuation marks and how and where to use them.

Punctuate the Following Sentence:

1. hows that said nathu

Ans.: ‘How’s that?’ said Nathu.

2. may be you are right muttered ramlal

Ans.: “May be you are right”, muttered Ramlal.

3. then stay with me tonight she said lets chat

Ans.: ‘Then stay with me tonight,’ she said. ‘Let’s chat.

4. if I said meena shwetha is a very beautiful girl isnt she

Ans.: If I said, ‘Meena, Shwetha is a very beautiful girl, isn’t she ?’

5. garland the bride one of his friends prompted bishamber nath

Ans: “Garland the bride,” one of his friends prompted Bishamber Nath.

Some Questions for your Practice:

  1. whats that said kamal kishore.
  2. may be you are right muttered ramlal
  3. Have you studied that he asked me
  4. sweta is a very beautiful girl isn’t she
  5. well i wish you luck said sitaram
  6. is that so said mrs. srivastava
  7. he asked the bird what are you doing
  8. i asked my teacher why he is working outside
  9. we want it now chanted some of the crowd.
  10. i don’t wish to talk about it complained the sweeper boy
  11. the disease worked its way into stephens body.
  12. whats your name little one
  13. yes but i wonder what bholi will say
  14. robert said,this girl is mad, isnt she
  15. rajan exclaimed how intelligent the girl is
  16. tell me meena is there a prince charming who changed you so
  17. no, there isnt anyone like that, she said
  18. meena its a beautiful day
  19. dont raise such dust he called out to nathu.
  20. the holy quran says kill not your children because of poverty

Watch the Video for Use of Punctuation Marks: Click here

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