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Hi friends, in this post we are going to learn kinds of sentence of English Grammar. First we shall see the definition of all sentences then some examples also.


A sentence is a group of words,which makes complete sense. In a sentence there may be two or more words.

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Types of Sentence:

According to the meaning of sentence, it is divided as  five parts given below:

  1. Assertive Sentence
  2.  Interrogative Sentence
  3. Imperative Sentence
  4. Optative Sentence
  5. Exclamatory Sentence    
1. Assertive  

A sentence that makes a statement is called an assertive sentence.


  1. He is going to school.
  2. They will come soon.
  3. She teaches English.
  4. Shyam is not a good boy.
2. Interrogative 

A sentence that asks a question is called an Interrogative sentence.


  1. What is your name?
  2. Who will help you?
  3. Are you going to school?
  4. Did he not go there?
3. Imperative 

A sentence that expresses an order,a request or a piece of advice is called an imperative sentence.


  1. Sing a song.
  2. Don’t go there.
  3. Please help me.
  4. Bring me a glass of water.


4. Optative 

A sentence that expresses blessings,prayer, curse or wish is called an optative sentence.


  1. May you live long.
  2.  God help you.
  3. May he get success.
  4. May god save the king.
5. Exclamatory 

A sentence that expresses some sudden or strong feeling of the mind is called an exclamatory sentence.


  1. What a beautiful scene it is!
  2. Alas! done! Sonu.
  3. Well done! Mohan.
  4. How bright the day is!


Questions for your Practice:

Classify the given sentence:

  1. She works in a big company.
  2.  Do you live in Mumbai?
  3. Go there.
  4. I am going to market now.
  5. Wow! you are looking beautiful.
  6. Why are you late today?
  7. May God help him.
  8. take this medicine.
  9. Please give me something to eat.
  10. State the kinds of the following sentences.
  11. How happily she played the violin!
  12. They all bent towards her.
  13. Don’t play that quick tune.
  14. She kept the knowledge a secret.
  15. How can plants enjoy music?
  16. How proudly did Revathi carry home her prize!
  17. What could have taken my plants?
  18. The organisers were not convinced.


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