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Hi friends, in this post you will learn tense and types of tense of English Grammar. It is very important to have knowledge of tense to learn or to speak English. We shall learn how to identify and interchange the tense. Here we will see meaning and types of tense in details,let’s see. 


Tense is the study of forms of the verbs. There are four forms of the verbs ie present form (1st form), past form (2nd form), past participle (3rd form) and present form (ing form).  

Types of Tense:

  1. Present Tense
  2. Past Tense
  3. Future Tense

types of tense

Go through my video to learn about Tense:

Present Tense:

In present tense, action is going on. This is divided in for parts. Let’s see some examples of present tense.


  • He lives in Mumbai.
  • Ram is going to market.
  • She has done her work on time.
  • You have been learning this grammar since morning.
  • They play in the garden.
  • I am eating an apple.
  • You have called him.
  • We are going to play a cricket.


Past Tense:

In past tense, action is completed. It is also divided in four parts. See the examples of this tense.


  • She had gone to Delhi.
  • I was writing a poem yesterday.
  • Sunil went to college. 
  • Sarita had been cooking for two hours.
  • He came from Rampur.
  • Mohan had met them in the garden.
  • They were making noise in the class.

Future Tense:

In future tense, the action is going to happen in future. This is also divided in four parts.


  • She will meet me tomorrow.
  • I shall call you later.
  • They will be reading a lesson.
  • He will have been making a kite.
  • I will go there tomorrow.
  • We shall speak to him.
  • Sonu will pass the examination.

In another post we shall learn types of all tenses in details,so you can understand them.

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