English Grammars Quiz #5

Created on By Mahesh Prajapati

English Grammars Quiz #5

This English Grammars Quiz will help you to improve your knowledge.

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Q.1. You have inspired a whole host of teenagers. ( Change the voice)

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Q.2. I learned so much from you. ( Add a questions tag)

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Q. 3. They gave me the right kind of encouragement and support. ( as well as)

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Q.4. She made over a dozen such trips. ( rewrite in past perfect tense )

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Q.5. The watchman managed to nab two of them. (Frame WH type question)

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Q.6. With a lot of passion, I learnt both calligraphy and cursive writing. (Not only .......but also)

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Q.7. I used to take pride in my handwriting when it was appreciated. (identify the clause)

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Q.8. I still use a pen but it's purpose has been restricted to signing s cheque. (rewrite using although)

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Q.9. What a dangerous thing! (Make it assertive sentence)

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Q.10. When the human called for fall in one lines, all the robots did so. ( no sooner..... than )

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